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Optimising Consteel continuous scrap feeding with roof-fed DRI

scrap feeding with roof-fed DRI For EAF furnaces charged jointly with scrap and with DRI through the roof, feeding the scrap via a Consteel pre-heater conveyor rather than by bucket enables a shorter power-on time, increases productivity and improves all other operating parameters, except carbon injection, resulting in a

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These systems include charge buckets, belt conveyors and vibratory, pivoting, traversing and holding conveyors. Whereas manual charging, magnets or charging buckets simply cannot keep pace with a large induction furnace able to melt a full charge in less than 30 minutes, our charging systems can.

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Foundry Projects Ltd offer Drop Bottom Buckets for charging open top furnaces such as induction furnaces and electric arc furnaces. Using a drop bottom bucket is the simplest and cheapest form of charging this type of furnace providing an overhead gantry crane is available.

Press Release: New bucket-charging system automates …

A scrap charging system recently developed by Siemens has been used ... coupling of the auxiliary crane and the charging of the scrap into the electric arc furnace automatically follow an optimal, reproducible path. This saves time, prevents ... New bucket-charging system automates scrap feed in electric steel plants

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A vibrator conveyor is an ideal equipment choice for feeding charge materials into a full-power induction furnace. Bucket Charging Systems — Best for facilities with significant overhead space, bucket charging systems are useful for filling, moving, emptying, and returning buckets. Bucket charging systems are clean and create minimal noise.

Fabricating charging buckets for specialty steel manufacturing

Sep 13, 2016· The Rose Corporation recently fabricated charging buckets for a local specialty steel manufacturer. Charging buckets are used to load scrap into an electric arc furnace. Charging buckets are sized by volume and diameter. A charging bucket …

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Batch-type furnaces present a different set of problems, especially when the percentage of scrap in the charge mix is high. Since scrap is usually of low density, charging a large amount will dictate the design of the furnace. Wide charge doors, open wells, and even removable-top designs are suited to large amounts of scrap.


MODERN FURNACES FOR ALUMINUM SCRAP RECYCLING Photo 8: Front Loading Melter Top Charging (Photo 9) – the top charge furnace features a removable roof that provides full access to the interior of the furnace. Loading is accomplished by overhead crane and charge bucket. The advantage of this design is that it can be filled very quickly.

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We supply a range of charging machines from 1 – 10m3 hopper capacity rated from 1T – 6T per charge and above. Using powerful vibratory motors, a wide range of scrap can be rapidly charged into the furnace at a nominal 1T/minute. With dense and shredded scrap this charging rate is often much faster.

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Scrap Charging Bucket. Our firm is widely known for manufacturing and supplying a superior quality range of Scrap Charging Bucket for Steel Plant. Specifications: Material- Steel. Usage: Scrap Disharging in ARC / Induction Furnaces Construction Mining Ceramic. Features: Precisely designed Minimum maintenance Long operational life


including crane driver on the charging platform. By using automatic scrap charging system (bucket process) it is possible to have crane driver in pulpit as well together with furnace operator. In case of medium frequency induction furnace, due to overlapping from process point of view between two furnaces and the needs to have

Phillips Mine and Mill Scrap Charging Buckets

Phillips Scrap Charging Buckets are used for top loading of electric arc furnaces. They are designed for an even spread over the bed of the furnace. Constructed of heavy steel plate, bars and rolled shapes. Phillips also makes a bottom discharge box.

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The continuous charging process is normally used by electric arc furnaces processing large amounts of DRI or HBI, since batch processing (top charging by buckets) of these material has proven to be unworkable. 1; this concept has been extended to the processing of scrap with the introduction of the Consteel® technology (Figure 2.1).

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scrap charging bucket for induction furnace - … scrap charging device for induction furnace – … scrap charging device for induction furnace [ 4.6 - 5953 Ratings ] The Gulin product line, consisting of more than 30 machines, sets the standard for our industry.

Manipulator arm/robot for induction furnace scrap charging ...

Jan 30, 2016· Press charged scrap, increase density / efficiency, sweep scrap to crucible, save man power, ensure safety of operators. ... Manipulator arm/robot for induction furnace scrap charging assistance ...

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The charging crane removes the scrap bucket and the roof and electrodes are swung back into place over the furnace. The number of charge buckets of scrap needed to produce a heat of steel is dependent mainly on the scrap density and the volume of the furnace. Modern furnaces are designed to operate with a minimum of back-charges.

Scrap Preheating for Steel Melting Induction Furnaces

Apr 07, 2013· But as most Induction Furnaces are open-topped, it is difficult to capture and utilize their waste heat. The process requires the usage of External Heating Source. Several methods can be adapted for preheating Scrap and DRI for Induction Furnaces.© R.A.D.E INITIATIVE 2013 | [email protected] 4.

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Manufactures a complete line of induction furnaces including coreless and channel type furnaces, galvanizing pots and reheating furnaces with power supplies ranging from 15 kw to 42,000 kw and capacities up to 500 tons. Alsoincluded are computer control systems, scrap metal preheating and drying equipment and charge handling conveyors and feeders.

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Preheating removes moisture from scrap material prior to furnace charging and helps reduce this danger. 2. Increased Melt Rate. With preheating steel, a large part of the melt energy is introduced into the metal outside of the electric arc furnace. Preheating scrap material to 1200° F can increase induction furnace melt rates by as much as 20%. 3.

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We're an industry leader in the engineering and fabrication of steel mill scrap charging buckets, a crucial component in steel production. We were recently contracted by a Midwestern steel mill to design and build multiple 3,860 ft3 steel mill furnace scrap charging buckets along with pallet carriers.

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Scrap Charging Bucket offered by Duttason Engineers, a leading supplier in Dhandari Kalan, Ludhiana, Punjab. The Company was incorporated in 1990 and is registered with IndiaMART. | ID: 10925568333

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Thus' one bucket can completely fill the furnace. The back charging operation is sometimes used to increase the charge of molten metal above the rated capacity of the furnace, for especially large heats. Or back charging may be resorted to when especially light scrap is used and the initial charge does not produce the tonnage required for the ...

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Aug 31, 2012· Vibratory Furnace Chargers: The metallic components like scrap, bales, pig iron and foundry remains are stored in the hopper. The hopper shape is specially designed to enable bulky and irregular ...

New bucket-charging system automates scrap feed in ...

A scrap charging system recently developed by Siemens has been used successfully in Riva SAM's electric steel plant in Neuves Maisons, France, since June 2012. Simetal EAF Chargeopt helps to optimize and fully automate crane movements during charging. Precisely repeatable movement patterns shorten charging cycles, reduce the need for maintenance and increase operational reliability as well …

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Scrap Charging Car For Induction Furnace. Scrap charging device for induction furnace alternative charge materials to scrap in induction furnaces national metallurgical laboratory has made an attempt to melt sponge iron in induction furnaces and optimize its melting behavour it is poss. morethere will; Vibratory Charger For Induction Furnace In ...

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2. Scrap drying and pre heating systems. 3. Remote charging systems. FURNACE COOLING For those unfamiliar with induction melting, it may seem unusual for a high-temperature furnace To be equipped with a cooling system that operates by circulating water inside electrical conductors Carrying thousands of amps of electric current.

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Mar 26, 2013· channel induction furnace, coreless induction furnace, electromagnetic force, mild steel, steel making, Steel making by Induction Furnace. Though induction furnaces are being used since a long time, the production of mild steel by the induction furnace (IF) is relatively a …

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Phillips Scrap Charging Buckets - for top loading of electric arc furnaces - are designed for an even spread of scrap over the bed of the furnace. Constructed of heavy steel plate, bars and rolled shapes. Bottom doors, fabricated of dished plate are waffled for added strength and allow the bucket to sit on the floor without special auxiliary ...

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Vacuum Induction Melting MELTING UNDER VACUUM in an induc-tion-heated crucible is a tried and tested process intheproductionofliquidmetal.Ithasitsorigins in the middle of the 19th century, but the actual technical breakthrough occurred in the second half of the 20th century. Commercial vacuum induction melting (VIM) was developed in the

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of the furnace to allow the scrap charging crane to move a full bucket of scrap into place over the furnace. The bucket bottom is usually a clam shell design - i.e. the bucket opens up by retracting two segments on the bottom of the bucket. The scrap falls into the furnace and the scrap crane removes the scrap bucket.

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Furnace Charging System Options. Furnace charging systems are designed to deliver charge material to the furnace quickly to allow for maximum utilization of the melting system. We offer a variety of systems for assembling and moving scrap and other charge materials to the melt deck and into the furnace.